Location of the congress

The meeting point is the HOTEL ALCALÁ PLAZA. Calle Hita Nº 4, 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

The 19th EPSA Autumn Assembly is set to take place in Alcalá de Henares, a city situated in the northeastern region of Madrid. With its rich historical backdrop, the city attracts numerous tourists and offers convenient transportation options, including train and bus services. To facilitate your arrival and departure from the congress venue, the RC has compiled a comprehensive guide outlining all available possibilities.


Take the bus 200 from the airport to Avenida de América station (1,50€ ticket, 15 min). There you must take the bus 227 direction Alcalá de Henares. A 15 min walk will take you to the hotel!

Remember to bring some coins for the bus!

  • Frequency: each 10 -15 min
  • Price: 1,50 € bus 200/ 3,60 € bus 227
  • Duration: 15 min bus 200/ 40 min bus 227 approx.

Here’s a plan of the bus stations’ location at the airport!


Taking bus 824, that goes directly to Alcalá de Henares from the airport (Terminals 1-2). You can go walking easily from terminal 3 (T3) to the 1 or 2, where the bus departs. If your bus arrives at terminal 4, you must take the airport bus that connects both terminals (for free). Once at Alcalá (Vía Complutense-Tuy stop), you can take the city bus 11 that arrives just near the hotel (Via complutense-Ctra A2 stop)!

In this bus you can leave your baggage at the boot of the bus and pay directly at the bus. Remember you must have some coins or a 5€ note!

  • Frequency: each 20 min
  • Price: 3,60 € 824 bus/ 1,30 € citybus
  • Duration: 1h approx.


This option is a little longer because you’ll have to change train once. We only recommend it if you arrive at T4 Terminal because this train departs from there.

You must take the line, destination Príncipe Pío, and get off at Atocha station. Then you will need to change to the line C-8/C-2 destination to Guadalajara. You should get off at the Alcalá de Henares-Universidad stop. It is a 15 min walk from the Alcalá de Henares-Universidad station to the hotel Alcalá Plaza!

  • Frequency: each 30 min
  • Price: 3,25 €
  • Duration: 1h 15 min aprox.