Fill out your Autumn Assembly 2023 registration form carefully. Be ready, the registrations follow first come-first serve system!

After submitting the registration form, you’ll receive an automatic email within 24 hours confirming that your registration was submitted successfully. Check also your spam folder. Please wait for 24 hours. If you do not receive email within 24 hours, please contact our Registration Officer at .

Let us kindly remind you, this is only a confirmation of successful registration and NOT a confirmation of being accepted to the Congress.

When your registration has been validated by your Liaison Secretary (LS) and the RC you will get a Confirmation Letter (CL). Please consider that RC will send CLs in rounds, so please be patient. Payment is due within 7 days, including weekends.

Please send a payment confirmation accompanied by a payment receipt (e.g. copy or a print screen of your bank’s account statement) to with the email subject containing: “AA23Payment_FirstName_LastName_Country_Association”.

Only after having received your payment and payment receipt, you will be officially considered as a participant of the 19th EPSA Autumn Assembly 2023.

You will receive a Final registration confirmation! Congratulations, you are now an Official participant of EPSA AA 2023!

Sign a Waiver of Liability document and send it back to us!

Pack your suitcase in November and prepare to be our participant in Alcalá de Henares!